Sunday, December 11, 2016

Trip Journal: Day Eight

Down days are tough, but the time has been broken up by spending time working on talking to Val and the kids, catching up on projects for work and doing things for the girls. Friday night into Saturday I worked on some projects and worked on things for home. Saturday morning we sat around for a while and I worked while Maren watched movies on the tablet. By 1100 we were ready to eat so we walked a few blocks to the German Christmas village, which was okay, but nothing exciting. Best part was the sausage and potato lunch.  After that we walked in the part and then came back to the room and continued to catch up on work before going out to dinner with a pair of missionaries who are currently serving in Bulgaria. We went to an Italian place and I had my standard shopska with roasted potatoes.

Saturday night I talked to Val and the kids and then hit the sack a little earlier, then slept a solid 8 hours until 7am on Sunday. We sat around for a few hours talking and working and then went to church at the local congregation which was a 15 minute walk from our apartment. After church we came back and basically sat around all day, trying to rest up before an early 0600 drive to Debelets to visit Nikolai.

Monday through Wednesday will be spent in Debelets (outside of Veliko Tornovo) with Nikolai and Wednesday through Saturday will be spent in Pleven with Jonah. It will be a busy week but the visits with the boys will be shorter since they probably won’t be able to take too much stimulation. The focus for these visits is not only to form a bond and begin attachment, but also to try to fully understand the boys’ complex medical needs so we can prepare for the pickup trip and initial healthcare in the states.

On Saturday morning, we will leave after a brief visit and I will be heading back to Sofia to spend the afternoon watching Donika compete in a Judo competition. We are also trying to make arrangements for Elizabeth to attend as well, so hopefully that all works out.

Good night, world.

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