Saturday, August 23, 2008

Help Save a Child with Down Syndrome

American Express is GIVING AWAY 2.5 million dollars! The money will go towards the top projects created and nominated by AMEX card members. One of the projects in the running was created by the founder of Reece's Rainbow, Andrea Roberts. If this project is selected, ALL of the orphaned children with Down Syndrome currently listed on Reece's Rainbow will receive FULL GRANTS towards their adoptions. There just are not words to describe how incredible this would be for all of the waiting children and their potential families. While finding homes and families for all of these children would be amazing in and of itself, this project extends far beyond that. In the countries where these children reside, there is no place for these individuals in society. Every time a child with Down Syndrome or other special needs is adopted, governments and members of these societies are forced to acknowledge that these children are wanted and loved. So this project, if selected, not only has the potential to save hundreds of orphans with special needs, but will also have HUGE global impact in the way that these societies view their children and adults with special needs.

I have added a button to the sidebar of my blog that links you to this particular project. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AN AMEX CARD HOLDER TO NOMINATE THIS PROJECT! Simply click on the button and select "Nominate this Project," sign in to vote as a guest or sign up for a guest account and cast your vote! It is quick and easy and your vote could literally save lives!

Without Reece's Rainbow, our sweet, amazing Evan would not be here! As a member of Reece's Rainbow, I have watched countless children come home to their forever families and have seen the incredible miracles that have been worked in their lives through the love of a family. Please, take a few minutes of your time and vote for this worthwhile project!