Thursday, April 3, 2008

House of Pancakes

We eat a lot of pancakes. It is one of the few things that Evan will consistently eat and everyone else loves them as well, so pancakes appear on the menu quite often. I have quite the pancake repertoire and what I love the most about pancakes is the ability to "hide" other ingredients in the batter to make sure that my kids (particularly Evan) are getting the nutrients they need in their daily diets (if you have a picky eater and you've never read "The Sneaky Chef" or "Deceptively Delicious" I highly recommend them).

That being said, I am constantly amazed at how many pancakes 5 toddlers can go through in one sitting. This morning, the tally was as follows:

Maren: 2
Lukas: 3
Jacob: 3
Joshua: 3
Evan: 6 (yes, SIX)

That is 17 pancakes between 5 toddlers! Holy pancakes batman! I can only imagine how many we will go through when they are teenagers!

Pancake aftermath (who doesn't love a pancake with chocolate chips. . .just in case you are wondering, those are not my secret, nutritious ingredient)

Ecstatic about pancakes


Charissa said...

INTERNATIONAL house of pancakes, at that.... :)

Melanie said...

Oh I just LOVE these pics! and can I ever relate! I love doing pancakes, and sometimes we even have them for dinner! They are definitely the economic way to go, not to mention it's a great way for me to sneak in their wheat germ and fruit, LOL!
The kids are so cute. I love stopping by your blog. BTW, here's my new (well not really, but transferred my old blog over to wordpress) blog site addy:

AZmomto7 said...

We love pancakes here! Loves these two new pictures!

Christine said...

How precious! Your home gives new meaning to IHOP!