Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Crossing over. . .

The transition to the "Trenches of Motherhood" is now complete! For up to date news on our family, please join us on my new family blog (and for more in depth information on Joshua and Evan and their treatments, therapies, surgeries and accomplishment, you can join us "here"). This chapter of our lives is by no means complete, but in the immediate future, this blog will be reserved for adoption-related thoughts and information and will be a place where I will continue to advocate for children still waiting for their forever families as well as the families who are working to bring children into their families through the gift of adoption.

This post will remain at the top so that all who are interested in staying up to date with our family will know where to find us, so be sure to scroll down for new posts.

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Melanie said...

You are so awesome! I will be sure to add your new trenches to motherhood site to my blogroll. Thank you so much for keeping this one up - You will be one of the first people I'll be in touch with when/if the Lord ever calls us to pursue an adoption again. (((HUGS))) Love you, Valerie!!!