Monday, May 18, 2009

The roller coaster ride begins

As some of you may recall from my previous post, we have been waiting for several months for our Bulgarian agency to receive the files of the girls that we hope to adopt so that we could officially submit our "commitment papers." We heard from the agency director this morning that one of our girls is in the process of being adopted by another family. Unfortunately we will not know which of the girls it is until our agency receives the file of the other girl (her file is currently with another agency as well, but our agency is the next in line to receive it if another family within that agency does not step forward). We knew that this was a possibility and had prepared ourselves for this when welcoming the girls into our hearts, but it was still difficult news to receive.

We are disappointed to know that this little girl will not be joining our family, but we rejoice knowing that she WILL know the love of a forever family. We know that she will be joining the family that the Lord has prepared for her and that the child who is meant to be with our family will be with us as well. Our Heavenly Father's plan is perfect for each and every one of us involved.

There is another child that we are strongly considering. We learned of this child (whose file is currently with our agency) just over a month ago and we were immediately drawn to them, but we knew that we could not walk away from either of our girls. They were already the children of our hearts and we were committed to bringing them home. Now that we know that one of our sweet girls will be joining another family, we feel that the Lord is once again guiding us to this other child.

Please pray for us as we grieve the "loss" of one of our girls and make a decision concerning this other child. We know that the Lord's hand is guiding this process and that His plan is bigger than our own. As always, we are excited to see where He leads us!


Shelley said...

I know that God's going to lead you exactly where He wants you to go!

Amy L said...

Praying for you, it is hard when you have a child in your heart and then you lose him or her. God's plan will be perfect for you, I know that for sure.

Tiana said...

Oh my we are praying for you as well! He will take care of you all.

soontobemomof9 said...

Praying for you! I sing the words to this song whenever I am struggling finding the Lords plan for my life.


"If You say go, we will go
If You say wait, we will wait
If You say step out on the water
And they say it can't be done
We'll fix our eyes on You and we will come

Your ways are higher than our ways
And the plans that You have laid
Are good and true
If You call us to thefire
You will not withdraw Your hand
We'll gaze into theflames and look for You"

Grandma DD said...

I, too, felt sad, but also happy knowing that others are also reaching out to these girls. I await further news with an open heart and a prayer for all concerned.

Katie and Pete said...


I just logged on here to get the linke to your post adoption blog to hear the news. How exciting! I cannot wait to follow along your journey.


Jill said...

I am so sorry, Valerie. I know what this feels like - it was HARD losing Katya. Harder than I thought it ever could be especially when we hadn't even met her! Once you accept a child in your heart - it's hard to let go. Sending prayers your way. (((HUGS)))

Christine said...

Sorry about your loss. You are so right that it is a roller coaster ride. I am sure your ride is not over either. Hugs.