Monday, August 24, 2009


We finally took a few steps forward in the adoption process last week! We started the week off by mailing our I-800A application to USCIS (with supporting documents and fees). Although I had looked over the application at least 100 times and had received the green light from our agency (who had also looked over the application for us), I still felt like hyperventilating as I walked out of the UPS store. The application was received and the check has been cashed and now we wait (a skill at which we have become quite proficient), with bated breath, to received our appointment to be fingerprinted (again) and ultimately, our approval (which we hope to receive without any delays).

On Tuesday morning we heard from our facilitator again. She had spoken with the Ministry of Justice who confirmed that the files had not yet been returned, but she instructed our facilitator to have us file a commitment application for our girls anyway. She informed us that the other agency had been contacted yet again with a demand that they return the files immediately. Our facilitator was also told that, if we filed a commitment application for these girls, as soon as they were returned to the Ministry, they would be given directly to our facilitator (rather than being given to another agency first). So, we spent Wednesday filling out paperwork and having it notarized and on Thursday morning, Lukas and Jacob accompanied me to have the documents county certified and apostilled (we had a great time and they were excited to be involved in the process of bringing their sister's home). By noon the documents were on their way to Sofia (scheduled to arrive this Thursday)!

While I am excited to finally be moving forward, I think I will remain cautiously optimistic until our facilitator has those files in her hands and the girls are officially placed on hold for our family. In the meantime, I am thanking my Heavenly Father for the progress that we have made and continue to look forward to watching His plan unfold!


Shelley said...

Glad you're making progress! We are STILL waiting on our state to release our home study to USCIS. Our homestudy was signed and notarized on August 3rd....and it's still sitting on someone's desk. Very frustrating! But, there's nothing we can do. I do have our I-800A filled out....just waiting on the home study to be sent so I can mail it! At this rate, I've given up all hope of traveling on trip one in 2009. Hopefully, things will move much faster in 2010!

soontobemomof9 said...

You all are so good at this! It makes me feel dumb! LOL Our I-800a is done, but I am going to update the signature pages with current dates as I did it back in June. :)I am afraid to send it in... what if they say "No way!"?

It is just sitting on my counter. We have a garage sale this weekend, hoping that gives us the remaining funds for the USCIS... and then praying I am brave enough to send it off!

mommajeane said...

Yeah for the progress...I get as anxious as you to hear news... my own and other families in process. Of course the best news is when we return with our children.Hoping and praying for a smooth process for you at the Hague.