Friday, March 5, 2010

Back Home.

***Written By Richard***

Well, the trip is almost over and right now Val is spending her last sleep-filled hours in Sofia. Everyone's heard a lot about what's been going on over in Bulgaria but while Val's been on her advendute, I've been enjoying the other and of the adventure back here at home.

Over the two weeks since Val left we've been staying busy. We've had bedtimes, quiet times, and mealtimes. We've had one week of work, and one week in training. We've had a few illnesses and we even spent the evening in the ER collecting a few stitches.

Our good friend Keely has been invaluable in watching the kids during the day while I've been at work and in training. I'd also like to thank the friends and parents who took time out of their busy schedules to check in with Val and I. A thank you also goes to our friends who provided meals on several occasions, such a small act meant so much to me.

So as I get ready to head to bed tonight, here are some pictures I wanted to share from the past two weeks:

This is how most of the kids spent the first week. They were all very tired from a tumultuous week before Val left and it took them a week to recover and get back into better shape.

The most famous incident of the past two weeks. Lukas was playing during naptime and ended up getting in a fight with a desk. Needless to say, he lost. 10 Stitches at the ER.

Jacob showing off the knit cap that Keely made for him.

Evan letting me know what he thinks of my cooking.

Joshua, just being adorable.

Maren with her best friend. Note the knit cap with the cute little flower.

Lukas (pre-stitches) show off his moves.


soontobemomof9 said...

Oh dear... Stitches are never fun. But he looks no worse for wear ;). I counted 5 happy kids. Good job dad!!! :)

Stacey Kirchner said...

LOVE the one of Evan! Those hats are cute.

Cynthia Rieben said...

Dear Rich, I'm so glad you included info on the doings on the homefront -- enjoyed our phone conversations. Thanks for the good photos -- including poor Lukas' booboo! You did such a good job staying cool and calm (Hey, I best you were most of the time) and keeping everyone loved and happy. What a gem Keely is.
Love, Grandma DD

Beth Benson said...

I come check out your blog every now and then... (i'm staceys probably know my mom, shes in your ward) anyway... I met keely :) i enjoy her. I didnt put the two and two together that it was YOU GUYS that she was helping out. Love it.