Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Life is sweeter dipped in chocolate

In November, we raised $1160 for Morgan's grant fund with your help.


But, with a month remaining for Reece's Rainbow's Angel Tree, we wondered if there was more that we could do for our sweet Christmas angel.

Last week I sat down with my little "Board of Directors" and we decided that we would sell Christmas goodies on Morgan's behalf. We determined what goodies we would make and sell and then we got to work. We made fliers and order forms that we handed out to friends and family so that they could help us in our efforts and we gathered our supplies.

My mom is an Intervention Specialist and AP History teacher at a local Catholic High School. On Monday, she went to work, armed with our fliers and order forms and shared Morgan's story with her coworkers and students. Several orders were placed and last night we got to work filling them.

We decided to deliver the goodies personally, so this morning I loaded the kids into the van and we drove over to the high school and met my mom on her lunch break. We began distributing goodies to those who had purchased them and each time we delivered a goody, the kids sang a Christmas carol to the recipient (their song of choice was "The Shepherds Carol").

While we were singing, another teacher heard us and invited us into her classroom to sing to her students. When the kids had finished singing, we explained that we were raising money for Morgan's grant fund by selling Christmas goodies. After sharing this with the class, the teacher turned to her students and asked them how they would feel about donating their "collection" to Morgan's grant fund. I soon learned that this class had been collecting money throughout the month of December that they planned to donate to a charity. The class wholeheartedly agreed that the money should be given to Morgan and I watched, humbled, as they passed their collection jar around the room one last time before handing it to the kids.

Before we left the school today we had collected almost $300 for Morgan's grant fund and my children were excited and amazed at how many people had given so generously to "their" boy! What a testimony!

Life is so much sweeter dipped in chocolate and filled with Christ-like love!


Yvonne said...

I say kudos to your Board of DIrectors!!! I bet their voices were so sweet! :)

Katherine said...

Awe! That totally gave me goose bumps....way to go kids!

Tammy D said...

totally sweet! what a great way to Celebrate Christmas this month. Way to go Riebens!