Friday, March 2, 2012


Today I had to say goodbye to my sweet little love bugs. I really hate this part of the process. It is always so hard to leave my little ones behind, knowing that all that stands between us is a bunch of red tape (and about 3000 miles)! Of course, most of it is necessary red tape and I do appreciate the opportunity that I have to really prepare for the boys to come home, so I am keeping my eye on the prize and marching forward knowing that someday soon I will have the boys in my arms again and this time it will be forever!

I visited with the boys individually again this morning. Thomas wasn't quite as active during our visit and was content to sit on my lap for most of the time. This hasn't happened much with Thomas because he is always a ball of energy so I really enjoyed the opportunity to just sit quietly and snuggle with him.

Benjamin was so excited to see me this morning and crawled right up into my lap, gave me the biggest smile and threw his little arms around me. He was SO tired today. We played with his bag of toys for a little while and then he was too tired to do even that so I picked him up and rocked him and he was out cold after only a few minutes. Oh, it was absolute bliss to just sit there and hold him as he slept.

It was so hard to say goodbye :-( I am going to miss those sweet babies SO MUCH!

I arrived at my hotel in Sofia a few hours ago. Tomorrow morning I will say a temporary goodbye to Bulgaria and head back home to my eight other little sweeties (and one big one) who I have also missed terribly!

Once I am back home and settled, I will upload some of the video I was able to get, so stay tuned because Thomas' giggle and Benjamin's smile are definitely worth the wait!


Ron and Trish said...

Hi Valerie, got caught up on your familys story. It was amazing to meet you and hear your stories of love and adoption. I would say those are two lucky little boys, but I don't believe in luck. I've learned things are planned way before they become a thought in our minds! Praise God for people who follow His will.

gps said...

Hi! I just found your blog. How do you get anything done with so many close-in-age kids with special needs? Are any of them able to help with chores? How much laundry do you do? How do you get groceries, or go to the doctor? I have 2 littles and 2 young teens, (no special needs) and I just can't imagine the logistics of the regular everyday stuff! How do you do it?