Monday, September 10, 2007

News from Ukraine

Our dossier made it to Ukraine today and is now in the process of being translated!! This in itself is FANTASTIC news, but it gets even better! Our facilitator plans to submit our dossier to the SDA (State Department on Adoption) NEXT Monday! For those of you unfamiliar with adoption in Ukraine, this is incredibly quick! Once the dossier is submitted it could still take awhile for us to receive an appointment date as things are currently moving somewhat slowly at the SDA, but the fact that we will be submitted so soon makes me want to do the happy dance! Our facilitator feels strongly that we will be able to travel before the end of the year! Obviously he cannot guarantee that we will as that it completely up to the SDA and out of our hands, but my hope has definitely been renewed! I have heard many, many times throughout the past year what a miracle worker our facilitator is and now I am experiencing it firsthand! Needless to say, it has been a VERY good adoption day!

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Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! That is so exciting. I used to nanny for a family that adopted 3 little girls from China and I remember how long the process seemed (and they weren't even my children!). I am thrilled for you and your growing family.