Sunday, September 30, 2007

Uzbekistan, here I come!!!!

Houston, we have a travel date!! Our agency director called us this afternoon to tell us that I should prepare to travel on October 21st! I am so excited I could pee my pants (I won't obviously. . I will leave that to my potty-training 2 year-olds)! On top of the excitement I was also slightly relieved to hear I would be traveling on the 21st as we had discussed the 14th as an option. While I would've been more than thrilled to hop on a plane a week earlier, I have to say, getting everything together in two weeks, with a move to a new home in the middle, would've been more than even I, Super Val 5000, could handle! The timing is perfect (not that I ever doubted it would be. . .the Lord has a way with timing) and we should have Josh home and hopefully settled into some kind of a routine by the time we have to leave for Ukraine!

My step-father will be coming with me on the trip which I am incredibly grateful for! I have yet to travel internationally (no, Mexico and Canada don't count) and am a little nervous about what to expect. My step-father has traveled all over the world (not to mention that he is a big, burley, somewhat intimidating-looking fellow) and I am already grateful for his knowledge and experience (and for the fact that my chances of being mugged while he is around are pretty slim).

We will be flying out of JFK on Sunday, October 21st and will hopefully be flying home with Josh in tow, two weeks later on November 4th. The assurance of a two week travel period also came as welcomed news! Although I realize that there are still problems that could arise, our coordinator feels very certain that we will be able to get everything done within two weeks and I am praying that is the case.

I am so excited that this time is finally here! I cannot believe that, in just over three weeks, I will be holding my baby boy in my arms!!

Now to prepare for the trip. . . .suddenly I am feeling a little overwhelmed!


Tiana said...

Oh my goodness!!!!!!! That is so very exciting. Wahoo! Imagine me doing little cartwheels over here.

Shelley said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! We are so excited for you. I hope and pray that everything goes smoothly and you are able to get your sweet boy without any troubles.

adoptedthree said...

That is wonderful news. Our peace and blessings to a safe and incredible journey. Let's get together once you have settled in- or if you need a hand when you return I would be glad to assist!

Tracey Schalk said...

Congratulations, Thats soo exciting!! Have a safe and enjoyable trip!!

-Tracey (from amcsupport)

E. said...

Congratulations! Oh my gosh, how busy can one person be? I am really, really excited for you!