Friday, June 12, 2009


Originally, we thought that it would be Maren who would be most excited by the thought of adding a few more sisters to the family. While she is, indeed, ecstatic to be losing her status as "the only girl," several of our boys have also recently demonstrated their excitement as well.

Although one of our girls has been matched with another family (we still do not know which one), we both feel strongly that there are still two little girls who are meant to be a part of our family (the other child that we were considering was a little boy with arthrogryposis and, after a lot of discussion and prayer, we both felt strongly that he was not the child the Lord had prepared for us). We have requested the files of two more little girls and are awaiting those files as well as the file of the little girl that is still available. We do not know when we will receive those files, but we know that the Lord's timing is perfect.

The waiting has been difficult (see post below), but the scripture "Be still and know that I am God," (Psalms 46:10) has been running through my mind almost constantly over the past few months. Even though it is so difficult to "be still" and to know that things are outside of our control, I know that our Heavenly Father never rests and that He is working very hard "behind the scenes" to bring His plan for our family to fruition. As always, I am anxious to see what and WHO He has in store for us!


Charity Brown said...

How sweet it will be when you are able to finally know who will be joining your beautiful family! Keep holding on! it'll happen soon!

soontobemomof9 said...

I can't wait to find out who your daughters are!!!! :) This is so exciting! The wait has got to be so difficult!

Erin said...

Hi Valerie,

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Look forward to reading many more of your posts! Happy blogging!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

I thought I would sign in here too! We are adopting through Reece's Rainbow which I see you already are linked up too! :) Small world!!!

Leslie said...

OMG your children are precious!!! This is my 1st time to your blog!!!


Armstrong Family said...

Girls are great! Not that I know any different. But I know it will be worth the wait. We miss you guys. ~mandy

Dunstan Family said...

You are in my prayers and we will be praying for your wait to be short.