Monday, May 17, 2010

Another one bites the dust

Friday was a wonderful day of celebration! We danced, we sang, we jumped for joy, enjoyed some celebratory "sisters" ice cream at our favorite ice cream shop, and of course, got down on our knees and thanked our Heavenly Father over and over again for His guiding hand in this process and the many mighty miracles that He has worked to get us to this point.

As Friday drew to a close it was time to put our game faces on once again so that we could focus on getting our third little ladybug home too. We spent today running to and fro getting our dossier certified and apostilled and I am very happy to say that another dossier is COMPLETE! We will be bidding it a fond farewell and sending it on its way to Bulgaria tomorrow and hope that it will be in the hands of our facilitator by the end of the week!

Fortunately, because we were able to scan and email the dossier to Toni prior to sending it (and because she translated an almost identical dossier for us just a few months ago) she has already been able to translate most of it and we are hopeful that we will be able to submit everything to the Ministry of Justice next week and, if we are lucky, we may be able to receive our official referral next Friday! YAY!

Our hope is to combine our pickup trip for Alayna and Lily with our first trip for our third little lady. Our projected travel date. . . .the first two weeks in July!

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Cara and Doug said...

I read your daily adventures and are in awe of how you do it. I have two that aren't independently mobile (one in a walker, one in a stroller/wheelchair) and I want to be like you and adopt more. When you have time (I know, what's that?) will you e-mail me and tell the logistic things--how do you get out the door every day, what vehicle do you drive to accommodate everyone? I live just south of Columbus, outside of Circleville Ohio! Thanks! Cara