Wednesday, May 7, 2008

No blog update is complete without pictures. . .

Lukas and Jacob "camping" (wearing t-shirts from Ukraine. . if anyone can translate, I would greatly appreciate it. . .I can pronounce the words and know a few, but not enough to make sense of it!)
Jacob and Lukas showing off their cabin

Daddy, Jacob and Lukas after a fun night of camping

Evan watching the kids run around the playground (notice the bright orange cast. . .he wanted to look like Nemo)

This face cracks me up. He is such a goof ball! He definitely keeps me laughing!

For a child who loves to be the center of attention and is constantly asking me to take her picture, I can never seem to get a normal shot of her!

Joshua enjoying the park

My little drool king!


Jill said...

Such cute pictures! Aren't you ready for summer?

Anonymous said...

The t-shirts say "The Best Kid in the World" and it has the globe with the word Ukraine:)

Hope it helps. Good luck - you are doing an awsome job - I read your blog all the time.


Valerie said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now when people ask me what they say, I don't have to hang my head in shame!

first lady said...

20499dkhey valerie-

glad to hear everything is "calming" down some. Jordyn is the same way ... not one normal shot. Maren is a cutie :)


Ute said...

Beautiful happy kids! Thnak you Valerie for sharing.