Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pictures are worth 1000 words. . .

. . .so instead of boring you with words, I thought I would give a quick update through pictures! Enjoy!

Maren, Jacob, Lukas, Josh and Evan getting ready to go cheer the Carroll HS Boys Varsity Volleyball team and Coach Nana to victory.

This is what Richard does in his spare time. He is using a radio to communicate with a satellite.

Evan ready to go on his first bike ride

Big Dawg (my step-dad) and Richard taking the kids (minus Josh) for a bike ride. They LOVED it!

Making a house for the garden gnomes at Wegerzyn Children's Garden

Mommy and Evan "planting" some flowers at the sand table

Canoing. . . .in the mulch! Joshua was not a fan!

Lukas and Jacob wading through the stream

What could be more fun than a waterfall on a hot day?

Crazy Maren!

I could snuggle with this boy all day!

Playing in the water

Joshua took on the waterfall. . .

. . .the waterfall won!


MamáChanga said...

Looks like everyone is doing well and are VERY happy! Congratulations on surviving the last few months, be sure and take care of yourself, you are one GREAT mommy!!!

first lady said...

Where is the waterfall at ? we have something that looks exactly like that. the kids loved it out here to and they love biking that way too and i am just soo outta shape and I have three on the back, kyle is in a bike seat and jordyn and quenton are in the bike trailer and elijah rides his bike. Between me and derek we only have one bike !!! That is an extra 100 pounds on the back maybe I am not outta shape just tired ..... glad to see everyone is doing great :)

Jill said...

Fun pictures! I've never been to that park - but I hear it's amazing! :o)

Valerie said...

Jill- Anna would LOVE it! We should get together and take the kids! We can talk adoption, they can run through the waterfall, play in the sand and build houses for garden gnomes!!

Nichole said...

Great pictures, Valerie. Thanks for sharing.

Mark and Courtney said...

Evan's little cheeks are really starting to fill out! I love the picture planting "flowers"! :)

David and Sarah said...

You've got some precious little kiddos! So cute!

smctiver said...

I don't know Valerie, Joshua looks pretty happy after experiencing that waterfall!

Great pictures - Your children all look like they're having a blast!

And yes, you're welcome to move in at our house, but we'll have to get quite a few more beds!!!

Ute said...

They are beautiful, every single one of them :)

Christine said...

I love all the pictures! Thanks for sharing them.

MamaPoRuski said...

I love the pics! Hope your Father' Day was restful!