Thursday, July 1, 2010

And the winners are. . . .

First and foremost, we would like to extend a HUGE thank you to all of our friends, family and even those we do not know who have supported us through this journey! I am very humbled by the number of people who have donated, helped us get the word out, offered words of support and encouragement and prayed for us throughout this process and specifically as we have worked to raise the final amount needed to bring our girls home. Each and every one of you have been key players in helping to make it possible for us to get our girls home and there are honestly not words adequate enough to express our gratitude to each of you and to our Heavenly Father for bringing you into our lives! Our goal was to raise $2,500. We were able to raise $2,350!!! WOW! YOU GUYS ROCK!!

And now for what you have really been waiting for! The winners of the giftcard/iPod giveaway are. . . .

$25 Toys R Us Giftcard

$25 Amazon Giftcard

$25 iTunes Giftcard

$25 Target Giftcard

$25 Visa Giftcard

4th Generation iPod Shuffle

To the winners: If your paypal mailing address is correct then you don't need to do anything. If your paypal mailing address is not the address you would like your giftcards sent to, please contact me at with your mailing address.

We are still working on piecing together our puzzle, but should have it pieced together, sealed and ready for display by this weekend. Due to several very generous donations, we still have LOTS of empty puzzle pieces to fill. If you have supported our adoption in any way- monetary donations, yardsale donations, silent auction items, prayers, words of encouragements, etc- PLEASE leave your name in the comment section so that we can add your name to the puzzle!! We want our girls to see how much they are loved and how hard we ALL worked to bring them home. We do not want to leave anyone out!

Pictures of the finished product will be posted as soon as the puzzle is complete. It really is humbling to stand back and marvel at what 500+ people, pieced together by love, can do!


Jessica K. said...

I wasnt able to give money but your daughters have moved me and I have prayed for them and your family often! I hope to one day adopt through Reece's Rainbow and also save a child/children from the institution.

Praying in Germany
Jessica Koepsell

Amber said...

Amber, Alden, & Kiara Peterson made a small donation... :) Excited to see pictures of your girls at HOME!!!

Caroline said...

Hi Valerie and Richard, Please email me at I want to send you some money. I missed the puzzle deal but if you have a quick way online for me to send you money that would be convenient too! I love your blog! Love Aunt Carolooneytoons (Suzies pet name for me) ;-)

Nicole said...

I donated through Reeces Rainbow directly to your fund, but I wm not sure if that was included in your puzzle drawing. Best of luck during your travels.

Nicole Butters

Kirsten said...

I wasn't able to donate any money, but your family has been in my prayers and heart for a while. Kirsten Armstrong reading from Alaska.