Saturday, July 24, 2010

We have arrived!

We made it! Although the flights were long and we are exhausted, we arrived with all of our baggage, and without incident.

Flying high with Flat Stanislav

Richard and Flat Stanislav waiting to board the plane in Dayton

Toni and her brother Marty met us at the airport and dropped us off at the hotel where we showered and napped. We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around Sofia enjoying the hustle and bustle of the city.

How I have missed Bulgaria and how excited I am to be able to share this experience with my husband this time around! Tomorrow morning we will have the opportunity to attend a small branch of our church. We are really looking forward to spending time with the wonderful church members/missionaries here in Sofia.

Tomorrow afternoon we will leave for Stara Zagora and on Monday we will begin our visits with Ladybug #3 and get to see sweet Lily (though, she will remain at the orphanage until Friday at her director's requesst). I cannot wait to see my girls again (and introduce them to their daddy)!

Thank you all for your prayers of safety and success! They are all felt and greatly appreciated.

Stay tuned my friends. . . .the best is yet to come!

Richard enjoying some Chicken Kavarma at the hotel restaurant. This is one of my favorite Bulgarian dishes! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the food!?


Mom 2 six said...

Glad you arrived safe. Can't wait to follow your journey. What blessings ....

dziagwaincrease said...

"...and you know what? I'm tired of reading other peoples' adoption blogs!....well except for valerie rieben's..." dan laughed ;)

the Gower Fam said...

yay glad you made it!! We head to Ukraine to meet Mina next week!!

Barry, Donna, and Tam said...

I am so glad that you both are together this time. Have a great trip!
What is the name of the hotel. It is beautiful!

mommajeane said...

I loved that too when we were there... actually we loved all the food too. This is a great time to be in Bulgaria... actually anytime you are getting your kids is. Have a wonderful trip and tell Toni and her family hello from the Briggs.

Carla said...

YAY!! I am soooo excited for y'all to finally be there and can't wait to see pics of the girls with y'all!!
Prayers here in TX!!!

Palmer Family said...

I'm sooo happy to hear that you got there safely!!! Can't wait to read all about everything.

Ross said...

I am so excited for you guys and can't wait to meet them!