Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A picture is worth a thousand words. . .

From the first time I met Lily, all she has ever wanted to do is walk through the front doors of her orphanage, get in the car and leave this life behind. She loves to stand in the window and watch the cars come and go and she is constantly asking when she will get to "go in the car."

This morning she stood in the window again, watching the world around her from "behind bars", and it struck me that, in just a few short days she will finally be free of those bars. Free to run, free to play, free to fully experience all of God's amazing creations and free to finally get in that car and go. . ..home. Freedom is near my sweet girl and I cannot wait for you to taste it!

We had another wonderful day with Lily and Alexis and I cannot help but feel blessed and privileged by the opportunity that I have to be their mommy. When they bring the girls to us for our visits I can hear Alexis coming from a mile away! "Mamo? Mamo! Kuhde? (Mommy where are you?)" and when she sees us she breaks into a run and jumps into our arms for hugs and kisses. Her favorite phrases are "I want this/that" and "Give me this/that." We are working on our pleases and thank yous ;-) She LOVES my iPod which is filled with Bulgarian children's songs. It puts a smile on everyone's faces to watch her sing and dance along.

When she is not using the iPod to listen to music, it becomes a phone. I receive at least a dozen phone calls a day from my little Bulgarian beauty!

"Alo Mamo!"

I continue to be amazed by how much Lily has changed since my first visit. The transformation is truly incredible and, if she has blossomed this much just since my first visit, I cannot wait to see how she grows and changes once she is outside of these orphanage walls. It has also been wonderful to watch the bond between Richard and Lily grow as they get to know each other. They shared some tender moments with each other during our morning visit and I'm afraid that Richard is well on his way to being wrapped around her finger!

Lily and Daddy sharing some snuggles and laughs!

It was a gorgeous day in Stara Zagora so Richard and I took some time to walk around the city this afternoon between visits with the girls. We enjoyed people watching at one of the parks at the city's center- parents playing with their young children, old men playing chess and couples, young and old, enjoying the beautiful day. Tomorrow we will go to the History Museum and learn a little more about the city of Stara Zagora and, because two of our children were born here, we hope that we will be able to pass on some of the things we learn to all of our children, but to Lily and Alexis in particular.

Richard, Flat Stanislav and I continue to eat well. On the menu tonight:

Mish-Mash (eggs, onions, peppers and Bulgarian cheese)

Chicken skewers with bacon (SO yummy!)

Melba (ice cream with fruit and a berry glaze)

Ayran (a drink made of plain Bulgarian yogurt, water and salt. . .sound gross? Don't knock it til you try it!!!)


dziagwaincrease said...

Thanks for sharing! That will definitely be one big positive about the end of the week is that Lily gets to break out of there!!! When do you get to Alayna's?

Grandma DD said...

I was with the kids at Liz's house when lauren opened he blog to show the kids the recent photos and video of Alexis. I especially was touched by Val's commentary about Lily and the windows of the orphanage. Lily's progres is very heartening.

soontobemomof9 said...

I LOVE these pics! Such happy, beautiful little girls!!!!

And little Lily sitting with her dad... I just love it!

I can imagine how hard it will be for you to "free" Lily, and leave Alexis. Praying for you my friend!

Stacey Kirchner said...

LOVE the pictures of Lily and Richard. So precious!! Glad things are going so well.

meg said...

lily is absolutely beautiful! so cute. and i can just imagine alexis' personality from your description--she will be a fun little girl!
you guys are amazing! i love reading about your adventures, and they certainly help to keep me grounded and remember whats really important. continue having a great time in bulgaria!