Monday, November 19, 2007

Hello. . . . from Dayton, Ohio!

That's right folks! We've been "traveling" for 6 hours now and we are still only about 20 miles from home! We arrived at the airport around noon and our flight was scheduled to take off at 2:30. Unfortunately, due to mechanical problems, our flight was canceled which means we missed our connecting flight to Austria/Kiev as well. There were definitely some tense moments as we tried to find another flight into Kiev with the thought of missing our appointment looming over our heads, but thanks to Laura at United, we were able to get another flight to Dulles with connecting flights to London/Munich/Kiev! We should arrive in Kiev at 10:35 pm tomorrow evening as long as we do not run into any other problems! We hope that our bags will make it as well!

In other news, I received word today that our facilitator was able to confirm that the SDA has Evan's file for us. This was definitely something I had been worrying about. Thankfully I can cross that off the list. . . .at least for the time being!

I told you this would be an exciting journey! Never a dull moment for the Rieben's! Stay tuned. . .hopefully I will be updating from Kiev next time!


Anonymous said...

AAAGGGHHH!!! My nerves are shaken foryou! I'm so glad that you both get to take this journey together. There is strength in numbers...especially when it is your spouse there to uplift and support you!

adoptedthree said...

Oh Valerie what a bummer, only Dayton, at least it could have been a more exciting airport! Glad they got you a new flight arrangement.

Prayers for a great and fast appointment.

I talked to M she wasn't sure if she would be your translator or not~


Cynthia Rieben said...

Wow, talk about being already to go and having a flight cancelled! But I'm glad you are (I assume) on your way and even there now!! I loved your last blog talking about Joshua and the children. I loved the picture of Joshua and can't wait to see his happy little face and all the kids. I'm praying that things go smoothly for you there and that you have some nifty experiences there.