Monday, November 5, 2007

Home at last !

Let me apologize in advance for the short and sweet entry that this is going to be. I am exhausted and sick, but wanted to let everyone know that, after 27 hours of traveling, we made it home, safe and sound, late last night. Joshua did wonderfully on the trip home and everything went very smoothly. It is still so surreal to be home. Every now and then I just stop and look around and realize that I am actually home and recognize what a miracle that is.

We had the first of many, many doctors appointments this afternoon and his doctor and I sat down and made a list a mile long of all of the tests he would need and specialists he needs to see. He had ultrasounds, xrays and lab work done as well as his first round of vaccinations. We have uncovered a few additional problems, but are taking them all in stride. Joshua is slowly adjusting to the time change and I am hoping to have him on some kind of a schedule before we leave for Ukraine.

There is obviously much more to this "update" but I am about to pass out on my keyboard so I will leave it at this for now and hopefully be back in a day or two to give you all of the juicy details of the trip home and how we are all fairing!


Becky said...


I am so happy for you. What a sense you relief you must have to be home with Richard and the kids. Now, get some rest before it's time to go again.

Kelly said...

HOORAY! Congratulations to you all and welcome home (for a bit, anyhow!) I am thrilled that the first of your two adoptions is now DONE! Yeah! I've let them know in Artemovsk that you will be there the end of November - I am sure those ladies in Evan's care room are just REJOICING and PRAISING GOD right now! Praying for you all - Kelly

Katie and Pete said...


The trip back was a killer for us. We are just starting to feel normal again.

Congrats, I am sure you are so glad to be home with your family.


Katie and Pete said...

The trip home was so hard for us. We are just starting to feel normal and it's a week later!

Congrats! You must be so glad to be home with the rest of your family.


Spencer family said...

Congrats! we are glad you're home safe with your son. Please post a picture when you get a chance! Good luck on your next journey!

melissa said...

Whoohoo! I am awaiting those juicy details and am thrilled that you are home.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story you're making, Val! Those children are so blessed to have you and Richard!

Stacey (staceyj76)

Lisa Murray said...

I am so excited for you and I can not wait to hear more about your adventure.. in good time that is! Could you remind us again how old Joshua is? I hope all is well and that the adjustment goes well. Congratulations


Stephanie said...

Congratulations on your new baby boy!!! I can't wait to read th details! He's gorgeous!

Christine said...

Congrats! How awesome it is for you to be adopting from two countries. I'm glad your little guy is doing well.

God Bless.

adoptedthree said...

I need to talk to you about getting the county SN refund prior to UA. Very important pre adoption for the credit
Call or email me

And Congrads and get some sleep and rest and call me for any advice

Stephanie said...

I know you are busy with a new little one AND triplets.. but i am dying for an update!