Thursday, November 1, 2007

SDA Appointment

And now for some GOOD news!!! Last week we learned that the SDA had issued our appointment date. The date they had given us was November 9th! Needless to say, it would’ve been impossible for us to make this appointment, so our wonderful facilitator managed to swap appointment dates with another family from our agency. Our new appointment date is November 21st! While the back to back trips are a bit overwhelming, I am SO very excited that both of our boys will be home by Christmas and that we will be able to welcome in the New Year as a whole and complete family!

I will be home from Uzbekistan for just over a week before we leave for Ukraine, so the extra few days I will have in Uzbekistan with Joshua really will be priceless. Because of the short time between trips, I will definitely be returning home during the 10-day wait so that I can be with my children. I will return by myself to bring Evan home, but am really looking forward to spending the first part of the journey with my husband who I have really missed on this adventure in Uzbekistan.

I can’t believe that we will have both of our boys home so soon! We are truly blessed!


alison said...

Holy Cow!!!!! Yep...that's all I can say....holy cow!!

Alison in Ohio

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! Mom Palmer is visiting us right now, and she also wishes you the very best through all of this. You know we are thinking about and praying for you.


Shelley said...

Congratulations Valerie! Can I send you pictures of Xander to take with you to Ukraine?????

Christine said...

How amazing! God really has his hand in your plans.

Have a wonderful and safe trip!