Monday, December 17, 2007

Alive & Well in Donetsk!!! (Post By Richard)

*Richard Here*

Sorry to disappoint everyone, no post from Val today, so you're stuck reading my continual blubbering.

I talked to Val early this morning (our time.) The "Luxury Bus" ride went ok, despite a relative lack of luxury. The ended up in Donetsk at 6am, and waited at a McDonalds while their translator did paperwork in Artemovsk and then drove to Donetsk to do the passport. So far they're tired and I'm sure sick of traveling, but all has gone well. Apparently their baggage has been located and should be secured for them by this evening.

If all goes according to plan, they're going to pick up Evan this afternoon and then head back to Kiev by plane, train, automobile, camel, moped, scooter, or whatever method of transportation seems to be in style at this time.

Regarding Evan - when they went to take his passport picture he started crying and asked for his "Papa," so I can rest assured that A) he still remembers me and B) I'd better have some cookies ready for him when he gets home.

In other news, Captain Awesome and I are holding down the fort pretty well. I spent the day yesterday catching up on laundry and cleaning the house. The kids miss mommy and keep asking when she's going to get home. Josh as usual is a great baby and rarely fusses. He watched the entire Browns/Bills game with me yesterday, so he's on his way to becoming a manly-man.

The kids are getting trunky from being in the house, so we'll have to get them out soon to do something fun.

Val does not have reliable access to the internet at this time, so if you want updates, email me or call me on my cell. I'll post here as I learn more as well.

Ho ho ho.



Palmer Family said...

Richard-happy to hear things are going well. Ben will be happy to hear that you aren't wasting any time on making a "manly-man" out of your son. He has Justice eating-sleeping-dreaming footbal. I'm having another boy next week and I'm sure Ben won't waste any time on introducing him to football either. :) Thanks for the update and good luck to Val.

Charissa said...

How sweet!! I wonder if he wanted Papa or if he wanted cookies. HA! :)

adoptedthree said...

That is great Evan remembers you and Val. I hope she has better luck getting back to Kyiv and no bus to do it on!

Cynthia Rieben said...

Dear Rich, I always enjoy the different voice in your postings, and thanks for keeping us up to date. Glad to hear yo and Captain Awesome (Hmmmmm, I WONDER who that is :-) probably brother to General Terrific -- glad you've got a football buddy, too. Yes, and glad your little guy wants his Papa. That is so sweet. You can depend on heavy praying here --
Love you all, Mom