Thursday, December 20, 2007

No Cash? Use Your VISA!!!

Evan's got his VISA, we couldn't change their flight to come home earlier, they'll be leaving Saturday morning and getting to Dayton late Saturday (Hopefully.)

The rest of the kids are alive and there are no less than 15 boxes of presents that came from the UPS fairy stacked up in the garage. Speaking of which, I need to clean the garage.

Oh, Rob and I are still alive too. Barely. I'm tired.



Charissa said...

Richard, Please tell Valerie that we may (I repeat, MAY) have a travel date end of January. Don't know whether it's too late to get a message to Inna? Looking forward to seeing your WHOLE family reunited for the first time.

-The Urbans

adoptedthree said...

Great job Richard and welcome home Evan and Valerie!