Monday, December 31, 2007

I could not ask for more . . .

There have been many times over the past few weeks and months when I have stood in awe of the two newest members of our family. While going through the adoption process I dreamed of my boys, I looked at their pictures on the refrigerator many, many times each day and I longed to hold them, kiss them and love them, but it almost seemed like a dream. Now that dream is a reality. They are no longer just pictures on my refrigerator. . . .they are living, breathing, beautiful children sitting in my living room, eating at my table, sleeping in their beds and I am in awe of them. They are growing, they are thriving, they are simply amazing little people and I am truly humbled to be their mother and to be able to watch them learn, grow and achieve. I honestly could not ask for more. . . .

Joshua on Christmas morning

Santa's Little Helper

Happy to be home!

Mmmmm. . .Pizza!

Evan's first trip to the park! He loved it!


Tiana said...

What precious boys you have added to your beautiful family!

Jennifer said...

These are just too cute! Thanks for sharing them! All my best to you and your incredible family in the new year!

Anonymous said...


Not sure if you remember me, but I'm a fellow-triplet mom from TC. I used to live in VA, and we chatted a few times online. Your newest little blessings are absolutely precious - amazing - I was speechless as I haven't been to your blog in more than a year, I think, and then to see that you have adopted 2 special boys! Wow. Ironically, my hubby and I have just started the adoption process ourselves. We have not decided on Russia or Khazakstan yet, but we do know that the Lord has led us to adopt internationally this time (our first was adopted here in the US). We are also adopting special needs, and we have told our agency that we are open to a sibling group. I know you're a very busy mommy right now, but I'd LOVE to talk with you over the phone some time if you have the time!! I have so many questions, fears, etc - being our first time to adopt internationally like this. It's such an amazing and wonderful journey, though.

God bless you and all your BEAUTIFUL children!!