Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ho Ho Hope They Come Home Soon!

*Richard Here*

I talked to Val again this morning and everything is on-time and going well. They finally have their baggage, and they have their interview at the US Embassy tomorrow at 2pm. That being said, they're going to try to change their flight to arrive home late Friday instead of Saturday, hoping to beat the weekend flight traffic.

Val said Evan's doing well and he's happy, but she's having a tough time feeding him because he won't eat anything but cookies and bread. He's scared of utensils, which Val thinks is because they never used them at the orphanage. Who knows - but I'm sure I'll having him scarfing down IBC Root Beer and Krispey Kreme Doughnuts in no time.

Josh and I went Christmas shopping yesterday. He helped me pick out some cute gifts by grunting in approval. The kids are still alive, and Rob and I are tired - Rob's tired because he's been on the road for three weeks, and me because I'm still not sleeping well.



melissa said...

What a Merry Christmas!

adoptedthree said...

Richard I am in awe! Way to shop, clean, feed and work with four little ones!

Val we are excited to meet Evan. Safe travels!!

Charissa said...

I will be a Merry Christmas indeed. Would love to be a fly on the wall on Christmas morning.