Friday, September 16, 2011

Homeschool 101: Your questions answered

Over the course of the past year I have received many requests to share information about our decision to homeschool and how we manage to do so with eight children between the ages of 4-9 (with the added challenge of special needs and English language learning). Rather than cover all of the ins and outs in one post, I have decided to divide and conquer in order to cover each aspect in more depth.

Before I begin this series of posts, I would like to open the floor to my blog readers.

What would you like to know? Ask me your questions, I'll give you my answers. . . . .


Kosel Family said...

Do you teach in the morning or evening? Do you do all the kids at one time>? We only have 3 adopted and 2 of school age. I find their 'special needs' require a lot of attention and they both come asking for help at the same time. It seems like they need A LOT of help on things they should be able to do on their own. I always struggle with wondering if it is too hard for them or if they are just after attention. I'm beat by the time they are done and then house work has to get done :p We are using the workbox system this year which helps. Excited to read your blog series!!!

Maureen said...

Do you use a set curriculum? Or are you using pieces of multiple curricula? I know that you travel a lot to Shriners etc., how do you keep your lessons moving along?

Dunstan Family said...

How is your day structured? How do you help them separate school time from the normal home daytime.
Also what are some of the most creative ideas you have heard as far as activities that have a learning principle (like math, reading, writing)?
How are they getting the social interaction (whether needed or not needed)to be able to interact with kids or people later in life?
Sorry for the questions. I think you are amazing. I wish i had the patience and brain power to do it. AMAZING LADY!!!