Saturday, September 24, 2011

Service Saturday: Miami Valley Buddy Walk

I love a good "Service Saturday!" This morning, Richard, the kids and I rose before the sun, donned our brightest apparel and ventured down to the Miami Valley Down Syndrome Association Buddy Walk to represent Reece's Rainbow.

Our family (as well as my parents and good friend, Stacey) had the privilege of sharing our passion for orphans with Down syndrome and other special needs with any and all who would hear our message. I was humbled as I watched my children eagerly walk through the crowds of people, passing out information and advocating for the children of Reece's Rainbow, whom they have come to love so dearly.

Of course, the greatest privilege was the opportunity we had to meet so many wonderful people with Down syndrome, young and old, and all of the people who love and support them. There were over 2500 people in attendance and it moved me to tears as I watched this mass of people, this FAMILY (a family that we will soon be a part of as we welcome Benjamin and Thomas into our family), walk in support of their loved ones.

As usual, WE were the ones that were blessed by this opportunity to serve others. We can't wait to participate in the Buddy Walk again next year. . . .this time with Benjamin and Thomas in tow!


Jill said...

I hope we can participate next year, too! :D

Amy said...

Awesome! We also are going to go a Buddy walk near our house and we can't wait! Glad to hear about your great day!

Tammy D said...

LOVE this post and the wonderful post you did thanking your husband. What a great blessing from the Lord marriage is. I love following your journey;)

Christine said...

I love RR. I have been advocating for some of those kids on there for a year now. I like doing it.

Renee Reeves said...

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