Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

First and foremost, my apologies for the prolonged silence. I know that many of you have been waiting patiently for an update and I promise that it will be coming soon. To say that the past few weeks have been a bit chaotic would be an understatement, however, I have been working on several blog updates and hope to find a few minutes to sit down and finish them all this evening.

In the meantime, I know two, very cute little bunnies who would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter!

Unfortunately, my three other little bunnies hopped away before I could snap their picture! Stay tuned. . . there is much more to come!


Stephanie said...

Valerie, Josh is getting so big so face, that boy has the more beautiful eyes ever!! Evan looks like a totally different kid too.. LOVE his smile!

Ute said...

Happy Easter! I am soo glad that you guys are doing better - especially little Josh. Don't worry about the rest of us, you write your update when YOU are ready and have the time.

I don't know, if you know, but we got a referral of a little guy, so we are on cloud nine and hopefully I am able to travel not too far from now:)

Again, Happy Easter to all of you:)

Jennifer said...

They are so cute! Looking forward to more updates, but Ute is right. Take your time!