Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Joshua Update - Wednesday

From Richard:

Sorry folks, still no good news. I just spoke to Val a few minutes ago and she said that Josh's fever had returned and his heart rate was over 200bpm (normal is 100-150).

This morning they re-did his chest x-ray and it was clear, they've also re-done his bloodwork but we have not yet received the results from it. From what we're told, the doctors don't have any good ideas of what's wrong. All of his systems seem to be functioning normally, yet his fever continues to be an issue.

At home, the rest of the kids are doing well with exception of Lukas who is having a terribly rough time with mom being gone and life being in flux. Lukas didn't do well with Val being gone for the adoptions either, so this is par for the course and I know pretty well how to help him (but there's no substitute for momma.)

Evan continues to get stronger and branch out into new activities. He's finally started to eat a greater variety of food - and I'm even able to get him to eat off a fork! Tonight he ate a complex meal of shepherd's pie and pear slices from a fork.



Stephanie said...

wow, sorry that josh is so sick :( have they done a spinal tap? my nephew had an unexplained fever and they did a spinal tap and found out that he had meningitist and thankfully they cuaght it quick and treated him and he has no ill effects from it. :( i hope josh gets well fast and that Val can get home to the rest of the kids

Mark and Courtney said...

Keep up the great work, Richard. I know you don't know me, but I met Val at the US Embassy in Kyiv when we were both on our way out. I'll be praying for you guys. Let us know if there's anything else we can do.

frogcourt @ yahoo . com

Katie and Pete said...

Josh is in our thoughts and prayers! Please keep us updated on his condition.

(our son was adopted from the same baby home as Josh a week before Josh)