Saturday, March 8, 2008

Josh Update - Saturday (One Week Mark)

From Richard:

Josh was doing better on Friday, but not today. He's started to have cold symptoms again, and his fever once again spiked to nearly 106 deg.

At this point the assumption is that he won't be coming home anytime soon. This is mainly disappointing because the doctors still don't have any ideas as to what is going on. The plans for today included a CT scan, virus panel tests, and possibly a bone scan... Oh Joy!

Val has been staying at the hospital, but I delivered a laptop to her before I headed home prior to the storm hitting yesterday afternoon, so now she can surf the web and do email. For those interested, Josh is at Children's Hospital of Dayton.

Here at home the kids are doing pretty good. Having my mom come visit has been fun for them and relaxing for me. It's given me some opportunities to "deflate" and also allowed me to spend a little more time with Val and Josh.

But the best news is the WEATHER!!! We have already received a foot of snow, and boy do I love my snowblower! We got the kids bundled up this morning and they came outside and played for almost an hour while I used the snowblower. This afternoon I picked up Dave and we headed over to our old house to help dig out my tenant's car - which was buried in a snow drift almost 4 feet deep. The snowblower made quick work of that and then we went back to Dave's and cleared his driveway as well.

I had some pictures to add to this post but blogger was being crappy and wouldn't let me upload them. I'll have to add them later.


Shelley said...

We're praying!!!!

I can't imagine how frustrating it must be for him to be so sick and to not know why.

Shelley said...

We're praying!!!!

I can't imagine how frustrating it must be for him to be so sick and to not know why.

Dolores said...

We have been going through the same thing with Joel (DS), he keeps getting suddenly very sick and spiking fevers of 104, 105. He's scheduled for heart surgery on Wednesday and we hope he'll be well enough. The surgeon said that Joel's inner thermostat doesn't seem to be able to regulate itself well. Not to worry you, but have they checked Josh for meningitis? That's something else that causes repeated high temps and sometimes comes on after an illness such as flu or an ear infection. It can be treated! Praying he'll be well soon !!!

Heather Nichols said...

I found your blog through the Urban family's blog.We have some online friends, the Cornish's who recently adopted two children with special needs from the Ukraine.I read quite a few pages back with tears steaming down my face. You seem like an amazing family.What a journey you have been on and the best is yet to come.I will be following your story...thank you for making these beautiful kids part of a "forever family"

Christine said...

I'll say a prayer for your little Josh! I hope he comes home soon.