Tuesday, March 4, 2008

We're still alive... but Josh is in the hospital.

From Richard:

Josh has been in the hospital since Saturday evening. He is being treated for complications of RSV - namely a "fever of unknown origin." The doctors are also a bit concerned about his "wheezing" which he has had ever since we brought him home (and to our knowledge he's always had it.)

Val is spending days and nights at the hospital with Joshua and I'm focusing on taking care of the kids and keeping the house in order. I'm working in the mornings while her brother watches the kids and then coming home while the kids nap and then I put them to bed.

Not a whole lot of progress has been made in determining what's going on with him, but we're hopefully they'll get it figured out. At this point I think we'll be lucky to have him home before the weekend comes around.

Val does not have much access to the internet, so anyone wishing to contact her should call her on her cell phone.


MagyarMama2Be said...

My thoughts and prayers are with Josh and your whole family. Feel better soon, little guy!

Shelley said...

We're praying for Josh....and for the doctors that they can find the answers soon!

Anonymous said...

Stay strong J, thinking of you guys.

-Cpt Awesome

Nichole said...

Your family will be in my prayers. A year ago my daughter had a "fever of unknown origin" that would come and go. It is horrible not knowing what is wrong with her child. Her fever disappeared and we will probably never know what caused them. I will pray that Josh will be home sooner rather than later.

Charissa said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Josh! Get well soon, little guy!

Ute said...

Just want to let you know ,I am thinking of you and you are in my prayers and that little Josh will be home soon.