Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I think I am going to be sick. . .

The adoption journey is often compared to a roller-coaster ride. I, myself, have referred to it this way many times. Until recently I believed the comparison to be limited to the ups and downs one experiences throughout the process. It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I realized that the analogy could be taken a step further by the constant urge to vomit as one experiences those ups and downs!

Many, many times over the past few weeks I have experienced elation and relief as I accomplished many of the vital tasks on my "list" only to learn later that those things might need to be redone or discarded altogether because something had changed. Adoption in Uzbekistan is a constantly evolving process at the moment because it is so new. Because of this, things are always shifting and changing and the constant movement is starting to make my stomach turn. We are essentially the "guinea pig family" for our agency (although thankfully not for our facilitator who has been at this for quite a while), so I expected that there would be many ups and downs as we all pioneered this process together. I'd like to think myself a pioneering spirit, but I have to be honest, I will be so glad when this adventure comes to a close. I just don't know how many more ups and downs my stomach can take (but know that there are many, many more to come before this is over).

We are hoping to be in and out of Uzbekistan in two weeks, but over the past few days that time frame seems to be resting precariously upon a shifting foundation. Several times over the past few days we have learned of things that may put this time frame in jeopardy. While we have found solutions or ways around some of those things, it seems as though things just keep popping up. If our trip exceeds two weeks, I will have to stay behind with Joshua for an extra week while my step-father goes home. I know that I will be just fine if this is the case, but I am hoping and praying that we can accomplish everything we need to in the two weeks we are planning on. If those of your who are reading this could send up some extra prayers for us that all will go smoothly I would greatly appreciate it!

Now where did I put that puke sack. . . .

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