Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The pumpkin is on the porch...

***This is Richard***

Val has the passport and they are back in Tashkent.

Val will post more later.


Michael Hancock said...

Just found your blog while checking with the Uzbekistan Neweurasia.net blog lister. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer there when the program shut down in 2005, and I actually stayed a couple nights in the Hotel Kamila myself. Usually a bit out of Peace Corps prices range, the owner's son had a Volunteer friend, and gave us a healthy discount. I was there in February, and it looks much more beautiful in your pictures.

Anyway, I wish you all the best on your adoption of Joshua. Phocomelia is a serious handicap, but I'm so very happy he won't be growing up in Uzbekistan. A lot of people I met there treat all handicaps as punishments from God, as opposed to simple medical tragedies. In any event, I am sure you will show him all the love he deserves. Uzbeks are good, strong people - I'm sure he'll inherit only the best things from his own nation!

Charissa said...

Richard, I am absolutely amazed you were able to pull this off. Taking triplet toddlers to a pumpkin patch and trick-or-treating. Superdad indeed!