Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday's Fabulous Five

Today's Fabulous Five will feature five, fabulous children who are waiting for their forever families. Each of these children hold a special place in my heart and I would love to see their grant funds grow and more importantly, forever families found!

1. This is Pryce. Pryce is 7 years-old and lives in Eastern Europe. He has Cerebral Palsy (CP). His caregivers describe him as "mentally well-developed, active, communicative and friendly." He reminds me SO much of my Jacob. I cannot wait to see him blossom and grow through the love of a forever family. Could he be YOUR son? To learn more about Pryce, donate to his grant fund, or share his information, please visit his profile on Reece's Rainbow.

2. This joyful girl is Laurel. Laurel is 15 years-old and was born with arthrogryposis. Laurel is a "last chance child." Once she turns 16, she will no longer be eligible for adoption and she will spend her life in an institution. She has less than a year to find a family before that fate is sealed. Please be a part of helping Laurel find her forever family by sharing her information, donating to her grant fund or inquiring about adoption. To learn more about adopting a child with arthrogryposis click here, here and here.

3. This is Marat. Marat is 13 years-old and HIV+. This sweet boy has been waiting for his family for FAR too long. He is described as being extremely gifted. He has a high IQ, is very fond of foreign languages and his favorite subject in school is math. He is also a very talented artist. If he is not adopted, he will be turned out on the streets. Marat wants nothing more than a loving family to call his own. Could YOU be that family? To learn more about Marat, share his information or donate to his grant fund, please visit his profile on Reece's Rainbow. To learn more about adopting and raising a child with HIV, please visit Project Hopeful.

4. This precious girl is Alice. She is my daughter Maren's "special girl." Maren has been praying for her to find a family since last Christmas. Alice was born with Down syndrome. She is already 5 years-old and, like Bridget, she is running out of time. She is facing the institution and needs a family NOW. Alice currently has over $12,000 in her grant fund. Could Alice be YOUR daughter? To learn more about Alice, donate to her grant fund or share her information, please visit her profile on Reece's Rainbow.

5. This sweet little boy is Maxim. Does he not just radiate joy!? Maxim was born with Down syndrome and just turned 7 years-old. He needs a family NOW! Several adoptive families have had the privilege of meeting Maxim and all of them describe him as a sweet, gentle, fun-loving little boy. Could Maxim be YOUR son? To learn more about Maxim, donate to his grant fund or share his information, please visit his profile on Reece's Rainbow.

Don't forget that every time you share a waiting child's information (via blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or donate to a waiting child's grant fund (ANY amount), your name will be entered into our Adoption Awareness Giveaway. Helping to save a child's life can be as easy as clicking "donate" or "share!"


Katherine said...

Hey Valerie,
I'm pretty sure I know of a family who is working towards adopting your #3 child....they just can't put him on hold b/c of the country he lives in. Let me know on FB if you want their information.

Monica said...

These children are all so deserving! Please visit my blog, I advocate for Olga E, but also other children waiting for their family.