Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner and for most, Christmas shopping is in full swing. Most of us are strapped for cash at this time of year as we prepare for the holidays and try to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones, leaving little leftover for donations to charities and helping those who are fundraising for adoptions.

But what if you could do both? What if you could shop for loved ones AND benefit someone's adoption? What if you could make your money stretch by giving a truly meaningful gift while giving the gift of life and family to a waiting orphan?

I have good news for you! You CAN!

There are DOZENS of online shops and stores, full of fantastic gifts and products, that directly benefit adopting families, orphans and orphan-care organizations.

Today I would like to highlight two of them (and, in so doing, share with you our giveaway items for this week) and point you in the direction of MANY others.

The first is The Adopting Nations Shop. This shop features beautiful, handmade pillowcases, jewelry and greeting cards. All proceeds from the Adopting Nations Shop go towards the Ruble Family's adoption of two, precious children from Uganda. You can learn more about their family and follow their adoption here.

This Friday, we will be giving away a set of flannel pillowcases, made with love, by Jen Ruble.

The next shop I would like to highlight is The Adopt Shoppe. This shop features beautiful beaded necklaces from Uganda, fabric bracelets, wooden tile necklaces and leather bracelets, all lovingly handcrafted by Kate. Kate and her husband are the proud parents of three children (two biological and one adopted) and are currently in the process of adopting a sweet baby from Taiwan. All proceeds from their shop go directly towards their adoption.

This Friday, we will be giving away a beautiful set of braided fabric bracelets with a hand-stamped tag, handmade by Kate.

There are MANY other shops, stores, families and organizations selling wonderful products that directly benefit adoption and/or orphan care. As you do your Christmas shopping this year, please consider supporting these families and organizations. Give a gift of love to family and friends while giving the gift of life and family to a child in need.

Give Hope
147 Million Orphans
We Are Grafted In- Fundraising Families
Gwyn and Ava Quilted
The Pierce Family- I Am A Child of God prints
All Are Precious In His Sight- John 14:18 Gifts and Giveaway
Reece's Rainbow- Angel Tree Dollars (excellent teacher/coworker gifts or stocking stuffers)

In addition to the set of pillowcases from The Adopting Nations Shop and the braided fabric bracelet from The Adopt Shoppe, we will also be giving away a $25 Target gift card this Friday. Shop, share, and give for a chance to win one of these beautiful items (and to be eligible to win a KINDLE FIRE and $100 Amazon gift card).

*If you are selling items that directly benefit an adopting family, waiting child or orphan-care organization and would like your name added to our Christmas "Shopping List" please leave a message or send me an email.


Chris Haven said...

Shared Morgan's profile on my blog at Thanks for all you are doing. Celeste Haven

Dalas said...

Thank you so much for your great posts this month! I sell cute purses, bags, totes and other fun accessories. If you order through a party 20% of the proceeds will be given directly to an orphan or adopting family. You can shop here: Blessings!