Thursday, November 17, 2011

Giveaway Sneak Preview

Tomorrow we will draw winners for round two of our Adoption Awareness Giveaway. We have three more awesome gifts to giveaway to three awesome orphan advocates!

Here is a little "sneak preview" of what is up for grabs:

3 8x8 Prints from Sanctus Simplicitus

$25 Target Gift card

An AMAZING pair of handmade mittens by Katherine.
These are the same style of mittens worn by "Bella" in the first "Twilight" movie, so for all of you Twilight fans (and even those who aren't), these mittens are certainly worth entering the giveaway for!

Entering the giveaway is EASY! Simply donate to a waiting child or adopting family's grant fund (or purchase items from an adopting family's fundraiser), contribute to an orphan-care organization and/or SHARE!

Not quite sure how/where to find waiting children, adopting families or orphan care organizations? Click here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

To make it REALLY easy, simply donate to or share our family's fundraiser for our sweet Christmas Angel, Morgan.

Don't forget that all entries into our Adoption Awareness Giveaway are not only eligible for our weekly giveaways but also for a brand new KINDLE FIRE and $100 Amazon gift card!


Our Adoption Journey to Eastern Europe said...

I donated to Morgan!

Our Adoption Journey to Eastern Europe said...

I've also continued to advocate for waiting children and adoptive families every day this week :)

Dalas said...

I posted a link to your giveaways on Facebook. Keep up the good work!