Sunday, November 6, 2011

URGENT: Sergey

These "last chance" kids (those who will soon become unadoptable due to age or institutionalization) always break my heart. Sergey's story is especially difficult and his situation is urgent.

Sergey, from Eastern Europe, came to the United States on a hosting trip. While he was here, a family committed to adopting him. At the last minute this family decided that Sergey was not meant to be their son. Sergey recently turned 15. If a family does not step forward to bring him home NOW, he will age out of the system, become unadoptable and be turned out on the streets. Sergey does not deserve this fate (no child does).

Please help me spread the word. I truly believe that there is a family out there for Sergey. By taking a few minutes to share Sergey's story or donate to his grant fund you could literally be helping to save his life.

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Lisa Grace said...

Praying so hard for him! We are fund raising now to go and bring home the daughter God has for us there (we met her on a hosting trip!) and feel God has a son in her region for us, too. Whenever I see a story like this it literally breaks my heart. Praying for Sergey (and asking, too!).