Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Meet Morgan

Please allow me to introduce you to a sweet little man named Morgan.

You'll be seeing a lot of Morgan over the next two months because we are Morgan's "Christmas Warriors." Each year, Reece's Rainbow (an International Down Syndrome Adoption Ministry) hosts the Christmas Angel Tree. The goal of the Angel Tree is to raise at least $1000 in grant funds for EACH child with Down syndrome between birth-5 years-old. Each child on the Angel Tree is matched with an individual or family who concentrates their efforts on advocating for that child in particular.

Last year, our family chose Dusty.

Dusty is now home and thriving with his new family!

This year we have chosen to be a voice for Morgan.

We chose Morgan because he is the same age as our two, sweet little boys who are waiting for us half-way around the world.

We chose Morgan because, like Benjamin and Thomas, his sweet face and big, brown eyes drew us in.

But Benjamin and Thomas have one thing that Morgan does not; A family.

There is no one coming for Morgan. There is no mama who lies awake at night thinking of him, wishing she could kiss his boo-boo's, rock him to sleep, wrap him in her arms and enfold him in her love. There is no family fighting to bring him home and make him their own.

We hope to change that.

From now until December 31st, we will be working to raise funds and find a family for Morgan. Morgan currently has $1170 in his grant fund. We would like to see his grant grow to at least $3000 by the end of the year. We know that we can do it with your help!

There are several ways that you can donate to Morgan's grant fund:
1. Donate through the "Miracles for Morgan" Chip-in below or on the sidebar.
2. Donate directly through the Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree (find Morgan(26HA) and click "Donate." All donations of $35 or more are eligible to receive a Christmas ornament.)
3. Send a check to Reece's Rainbow, PO Box 4024, Gaithersburg, MD 20885 (be sure to indicate that the donation is for Morgan(26HA).

All donations go directly to Reece's Rainbow and are tax-deductible.

Your name will also be entered into our Adoption Awareness Giveaway (to include a Kindle Fire, $100 Amazon Gift card and many other great items). Your name will be entered once for every $5 you donate ($5= 1 entry; $10= 2 entries; $25= 5 entries, etc.). Your name will also be entered EVERY time you share this post or Morgan's profile on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Please help us advocate for Morgan! This sweet boy deserves to know the love of a family!

*We are only notified of donations made through the "Miracles for Morgan" chipin. If you choose to donate directly through the Angel Tree, Morgan's profile or by mail and would like to be entered into the giveaway, please leave a comment or send me an email


I am Amelia's Mum said...

I chipped in! What a sweet baby!

Charity Brown said...

I shared this on facebook! :)

Fireball and Thrillhouse said...

Wonderful!! My husband and I were just talking about adopting through Reece's Rainbow. Very cute little guy.